Magen Presents: You Want Me To Say WHAT?!

By: "Magen" - The Beit Shemesh Child Protection Organization

We live in a world where our Torah values are constantly being challenged by the Western culture surrounding us- yes even here in eretz yisrael hakdosha. Our children, whether we like it or not are being educated through various media they read and see, as well as from peers and we, as parents, are given the task of setting the record straight often after a lot of misinformation has already been transmitted. Educating our children about sexuality is often something we as Orthodox Jewish parents shy away from. However, our children live in the real world and eventually find out about sexuality from non Torah based sources. They may come to the conclusion that Judaism has nothing to say about the subject. If parents feel equipped to have conversations about intimacy and sexuality, our children will grow up with healthy Jewish attitudes toward sexuality and be better prepared to view critically, the non-Jewish ones they will encounter.

Dr. Yocheved Debow is a doctor of Psychology with a focus on researching sexuality and intimacy education in the Modern Orthodox community. She received both the President’s Award and a Schupf Fellowship for her new book, Talking to Your Children about Intimacy and Sexuality, specifically targeted towards Orthodox Jewish parents. Her discussion on June 10th will provide parents with the tools and wording which will help them overcome some of the obstacles in educating their children in these areas. The ramifications of these discussions goes beyond answering their questions about where babies come from. It also governs their attitudes towards their changing bodies during puberty, as well as forming the cornerstone of their outlook toward tzniut.

In the words of Dr. Debow “My approach to educating children about intimacy and sexuality encourages traditional values in the face of the prevailing cultural values. I advocate teaching our children to view sexuality from a perspective of kedushah – sanctity and deep mutual respect. It is our responsibility as parents to actively transmit traditional values about sexuality, intimacy, and relationships, which are the cornerstone of Jewish family life and continuity.”

Magen has graciously arranged to have Yocheved come to our own community as a way of fostering healthy attitudes toward sexuality. This may be a critical way to prevent pathology in this realm which may even end up in cases of sexual abuse in our community. The talk is very direct and practical with applications all Jewish parents.

Event Details: 8:15pm, 10th June at Ahava Vesimcha (Carlebach) Shul, 70 Nachal Dolev, RBS A.

20 NIS recommended donation.


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