Rabbi Saved By A Miracle

Srugim has reported that Rav Chaim Gantz, Head of Maaleh Eliyahu Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, was almost killed during a hike last week through the Golan Heights with his Yeshiva.

The group of students and teachers were climbing a narrow path, winding hundreds of metres above the Jilabun River.

Rabbi Gantz slipped over, then rolled three meters down the slope, and to the gasps of horror of his students, over the edge of the sheer precipice.

Miraculously, Rabbi Gantz fell onto a tree, where he remained suspended "between Heaven and Earth".

Two students climbed down and succeeded in reaching Rabbi Gantz, and managed to stabilise him on the tree, which jutted out horizontally from the cliff.

They remained perched there for two hours, until a mountain rescue team arrived at the spot, and successfully brought the rabbi and his heroic students to safety.

In an emotional Seudat Hodayia (Thanksgiving Celebration), Rabbi Gantz told his story, at times overwhelmed with emotion.

The two student also spoke about their perspective of the events, including that the Rabbi had instructed his students not to try to rescue him, so as not to endanger themselves.

Rabbi Gantz described how he was certain, beyond any doubt, that God had directly delivered him a message - and that he felt renewed in his life and his mission.


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