Jewish Pedophiles Without Frontiers

Cops At Ben Gurion Airport

Perhaps more than any other pedophiles, Jewish ones are likely to hop from country to country.

When ex-pupils of Rabbi W from Monsey accused him of molesting them as children, Rabbi W simply bought himself an El Al ticket and moved to Bet Shemesh in Israel.

Rabbi W is now employed as the School Counselor/Mephakeach of a cheder; a status which gives him privileged access to every child in the cheder.

When presented with evidence incriminating Rabbi W, the cheder has claimed that they were previously aware of the allegations from Monsey about Rabbi W, and they had therefore taken 'appropriate safeguards' in order to continue Rabbi W's employment at the school "without unduly risking the welfare of the children".

In Australia this past July, Rabbi David Kramer was found guilty of sexual offenses against four young boys at Yeshiva College in Melbourne and sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment.

During the hearings, testimony was brought that Yeshiva College management had been aware of the offenses and, rather than report to the authorities, or take other actions to protect children, they helped Rabbi Kramer to flee the country to Israel and from there to the USA.

Horrifically, Kramer continued his malfeasance in the USA, as a teacher at a college in Missouri, and was finally arrested, convicted and sentenced to seven years imprisonment for offenses against a 12 year old boy there.

Once he finished his sentence in the USA, Kramer was extradited to Australia, where he is now serving his second prison sentence.

Accortding to the ForwardProsecutor Brett Sennett told the court that Rabbi Avrohom Glick, the then-principal of the Chabad-run boys’ school in Melbourne, did not report allegations about Kramer to police because he was “concerned for his welfare.”
Instead, the college paid for Kramer to flee to Israel in 1993 before he returned to America, where he reoffended, the court was told.

In 2009, Cult leader, Elior Chen bolted from Israel to Brazil. Chen was successfully extradited from Brazil to Israel, where he was convicted and sentenced to 24 years for "abusing and ordering the abuse of eight children, which included beatings with clubs and hammers, kicks to the head, severe shaking, burning, being handcuffed and stuffed in a suitcase, food and sleep deprivation."

This past week, a Jewish man from London reportedly escaped child abuse charges in the UK, by fleeing to Israel, claiming his residency in Israel under the Law of Return. The High Court in Israel is currently deciding whether to send the man back to the UK for trial, or to accept him as an Oleh Chadash/New Immigrant in Israel.

Unfortunately, there are numerous other cases where Jewish child abuse suspects have fled abroad to avoid justice.

The pattern is emerging that, whereas in the past, suspected child abusers could be quietly 'moved on' to other Jewish communities in the same country, this is now an multinational phenomena.

The problem is compounded by the refusal of some Jewish communities and institutions to formally report allegations of child abuse to the local authorities (police and social services) or for Jewish institutions to conduct routine and rigourous background checks on new employees - particularly those arriving from other communities and countries, who may have upped-and-left for other than ideological reasons.

In this don't-ask don't-tell sub-culture, the kids are the victims.


If you know of a suspected child abuser who has escaped justice by relocating to a different jurisdiction, please contact "Magen":; 
Tel: +972 2 9999.678


  1. What's the connection with the photo? Are they pilots or pedophiles? Maybe drop the photo for one of an El Al plane... at then there are no faces of innocent people.

    1. The photo is of cops at Ben Gurion Airport. They're the good guys!

    2. I've added a caption to the photo, to avoid misunderstandings. Thanks for the tip!

  2. But the post was otherwise great. Keep up your special work until the scourge is not tolerated and then stamped out.

  3. I don't understand. If you know there is a Mefakayach in Bet Shemesh who has these accusations against him, why not inform everyone of who he is or at least what school he is in charge of? Unless the accusations were proven to be untrue of course.

  4. i'd like to know which school. this sort of thing makes me far more nervous until i know which school - i donlt want to have to warn all my children that their teacher might be a paedophile. that's a bit too much info.

  5. The situation with the Mephakeach is that, notwithstanding the compelling nature of the allegations, he was never convicted, or even charged, with a criminal offense in the States.

    The parents of the children there were dissuaded by community leaders from reporting the case at the time of the offenses, to the authorities.

    Only when the kids themselves became adults did the victims choose to pursue this. At that point, Rabbi W apparently left in a hurry.

    Although the authorities here in Israel have now been informed of the allegations, they have not been able to force the school to sack the mephakeach on the basis of the allegations from the USA.

  6. David,

    You raise an important point, the country-hopping of pedophiles. This is a good reason for activists in different countries to cooperate in keeping tabs on creeps, especially those we have not been able to get into the pokey.

    I do want to dissent from your statement, "
    Perhaps more than any other pedophiles, Jewish ones are likely to hop from country to country."

    I would also add on Catholic priests who even have the help of their employer in moving between jurisdictions.


    The history of Rabbi W

  8. Do not let the matter rest. It needs proper follow-up, thorough investigation and treatment and discipline if he is guilty.


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