TONIGHT! Magen Presents: Dr Pelcovitz + Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Dr David Pelcovitz, renowned psychologist, author, and inspirational speaker, will be speaking in Beit Shemesh, and Rabbi Yakov Horowitz  will be joining us by Video-Link, TONIGHT, Thursday 19th January, 2012, commencing at 8pm, at the RBS Matnas on Nahal Dolev.

Rabbi Yakov Haber, Rabbi of Kehilas Shivtei Yeshurun in RBS, Founder of Torah Lab, will open the The Second Annual "Awareness Evening" organized by "Magen", the Beit Shemesh Child Protection Organization, with Divrei Bracha.

Dr Pelcovitz will be the Keynote Speaker on: "What Every Parent Needs to Know to Protect Their Children".

Rabbi Yakov ("Yanky") Horowitz, Founders of Project YES and Founder/Director of Darchei Noam Yeshiva in Monsey, will be talking about Child Safety in the Community, joining us live by Video Link.

A Child Abuse "Survivor" will (for the first time) tell their powerful story. 

Rav Horowitz recommends, for preparatory reading, the following articles:

There will be an opportunity after the formal event for individuals to ask questions to Dr Pelcovitz and other child abuse experts.

A year ago, Dr Pelcovitz also spoke for Magen, and addressed a packed crowd - a moving, passionate and highly educational evening.

Magen can affirm that, specifically due to that presentation, several local children were saved from devastating harm.

The whole community is warmly invited to this important event - we are looking forward to seeing you!

*** Tonight 19th January, 8pm, at the Ramat Beit Shemesh Matnas, Nahal Dolev, RBS ***.

      Recommended Donation at the Door - 20 NIS. (No one will be turned away through inability to pay).

"Magen" - Creating a Safer Community for Kids

Hotline: 052-765.2929
Sunday thru Thursday - 9am-12am; 8-11pm
Fridays - 9am-12am
Motsei Shabbat - till Midnight

Magen Office


  1. how many people attended? i couldn't make it.

  2. Not that many people.
    Just another overstated Radoff event.

  3. Dear Anonymous x2

    There were over two hundred people at the Magen event - a sell-out!

    Kol Hakavod to the Magen team and to all the parents who came out for this!

  4. I was there. Very unimpressive that in Bet Shemesh we could only pull 150 people. I think the community does not respect the ones who put this together, as an earlier comment aludes to.

  5. If you were there, Anonymous, you went to the wrong hall.

    I attended the Magen event. It was full "ad efes makom" - if more peple had come, there would have been no place to put them.

    The RBS community are eager to learn about child protection, and clearly trust Magen to help them. (Even against the explicit anti-Magen positions of some of the attendees own rabbonim).

    Like last year's Magen event - this was popular, powerful, informative and hopefully a huge step forward for the kids of RBS/BS.

    1. that is my point. there were no other people. a small hall is a sad statement of how little the community respects radof and magen.


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