Archaeologists: Did King David's Empire Exist?

I recently took a family trip to Kayafa, an archaeological site, just off Road 38 on the left side, between Ramat Bet Shemesh and HaElah Junction.

This modest site, with two impressive gates, is the subject of much discussion and controversy amongst archaeologists.

Very little archaeological evidence apparently exists to support the Bible stories of King David's Empire.
Much of what was previousy assumed to be substantive evidence, has been since relegated to later periods of history (mainly moved up in history from the 10th Century BCE, the time of King David, to the more recent 9th Century BCE).

Kayafa is now claimed to be the "missing link" between the Biblical narrative about King David, and the archaeological history.

This is supported by the nature of the site itself (one-time settlement, built on bedrock, nothing before or since), the location (ties in with the strategic battles between the Israelites and Philistines), and various artificats (principally a shard with Hebrew script, other "Jewish" pottery, and, amongst many animal bones, a total lack of pig bones).

The two gates may even identify it as the biblical city "Shaarayim" - which literally means "two gates", and was located in the same area of Israel.

Kayafa was discovered just two years ago, and only 10% has been excavated so far....

Even CNN has picked up on the story. Take a look! (It rather weirdly starts out in Egypt - but ignore that, and the rest of the video tells the story):


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