Which Rabbi?

I was particularly troubled by an event two nights ago.

It was late at night, and I was putting flyers around the scene of an alleged vicious attack upon a child, asking for residents to come forward with information (in conjunction with the police).

A man came up to me, waving the flyer….

He challenged me: “Which rabbi told you to put these up?!”.

I find this most peculiar....

I would expect someone to say, perhaps “Oh my goodness, a child was attacked right here on my street?! How is the child doing? What is known about the perpetrator? How can we better protect our children? How can I help?”  

It is rather like a man who is drowning at sea, along comes a rescue boat, throws him a rope, and the man won’t grab the rope, saying  "which rabbi said you could throw me the rope?”

Of course rabbinical politics is interesting and often an important issue in a frum community.

But that his first and apparently only interest, on learning that a violent child abuser has been attacking children on his street, was the issue of “which rabbi?” – shows an odd sense of priorities.

Or am I missing something here?

(By the way, it seems someone – maybe the same guy? - later took all the flyers down).


  1. Well of course he's concerned about which rabbi.
    After all, if witnesses come forward the police will have something to work with.
    If the police have something to work with they might make an arrest.
    If they make an arrest, you might be guilty of mesirah for starting the ball rolling in the first place.
    So of course he wants to make sure you've cleared this course of action with a halachic authority before endangering your soul.

  2. Mesirah? What are you talking about? This is about finding an attacker OF A CHILD and giving him to the police force of the State Of Israel (almost all of whom are Jews, wouldn't you know!), not Czarist Russia!

    Sheesh, what a screwed up way of seeing the world!

  3. Sorry, should have clarified: my comment above (accidentally anonymous) was completely tongue in cheek.

  4. What happened? to whom? where? When?

  5. Word on the street is that kids have been attacked on Revivim. Can anyone confirm that?

  6. Jewish mother.3 July 2011 at 00:17

    Well it wasn't in Chadash this week, so it can't be true. After all, the English editor lives right there on Revivim and as we all know, Chadash prints all the newsworthy happenings in the neighborhood. Without bias or political leanings. Can't have happened-abuse doesn't happen in the frum world!

  7. Yes - there were attacks on young girls on Revivim. The perp seems to have been a teenage boy. The attacks happened 5-5.30pm two shabbosim ago (Korach).

  8. Shmuel,

    If rabbonim say it doesn't happen then it doesn't happen...period.

    This is obviously just a sick story conjured up by those who want to hurt the Charedi world and their rabbonim.


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