"We Didn't Start The Fire!"


  1. David...

    I saw this horrible video posted on Facebook by someone from RBS and I not only voiced my disgust but I de-friended her. I am SHOCKED that you have such little sympathy to the victims that you would post a "parody" to such a tragedy. There is NO excuse... even if the video makes valid points... it's unacceptable to post such a parody on your website... especially when you represent Lema'an Achai... such a great chesed organization!!!

  2. Actually, I think you'll find that most people over the age of 15 don't really care if they get "unfriended'on Facebook. Most mature and intelligent people, like the writer of this blog, choose to be amused and stimulated by political satire, not offended.

  3. Hi The Jap Crowd

    Many thanks for your feedback.

    I understand that you found the video "We didn't start the fire" to be offensive and distasteful. Now you mention it, I can certainly see that some may indeed find it offensive, particularly as it seems to make light of the human disaster of the Carmel fire, while focusing on the political finger-pointing excercise.

    I'm a big fan of the Latma comedy team.

    Their Marmara "We Con The World" video was amazingly effective in explaining Israel's point of view on that highly-charged incident - far more effective (for the general public) than the Government's hasbara campaign.

    Political satire (Latma's speciality) always sails close to the rocks - and nudges up against distaste. Shock value is part of its effectiveness. Going back to Jonathan Swift's writings in the 18th Century - in the course of writing powerful and enduring satire, he surely offended some of his contemporaries.

    Private Eye, England's leading satirical magazine, has been taken to court on numerous occasions on slander and libel charges.

    So whereas I didn't find the We Didn't Start The Fire song offensive, indeed I found it very clever, incisive and funny, I do understand you finding the video offensive: I guess it goes with the political satire territory.


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