Moshe Feiglin's Son Injured - and Moshe's Visit to Temple Mount

By Shmuel Sacket (courtesy of Aryeh Sonnenberg)

[Background: Moshe Feiglin's 16 year old son David was very seriously injured in a car crash this week. David has been in a coma since; he has now started to move slightly. Shmuel Sacket, Moshe's co-founder of Manhigut Hayehudit, wrote this update story - which I found moving & powerful. Please daven for the refuah shelaima of Dovid Yosef ben Faiga Perel].

This morning I picked Moshe up at 5AM and we went to the Kotel to dovin. Immediately afterwards we immersed in the Breslov mikvah (in the Moslem quarter of the Old City) and then ascended Har Ha’Bayit (The Temple Mount). A very interesting thing happened just before we went up to Har Ha’Bayit.

Yesterday, I emailed Rabbi Nachman Kahane (brother of Rabbi Meir Kahane) and asked him to meet us before we go up to the Har so that he can give Moshe a bracha. I must point out that Rabbi Nachman Kahane is a rare “kohen me’yu’chas” which means he can trace his families line directly to the first High Priest of Israel; Aharon Ha’Cohen!!! In addition to that he is a tremendous Talmudic sage, have written more than 40 holy books! Finally, he is a member of Manhigut Yehudit and believes strongly in Moshe’s ability to become Prime Minister of Israel (very soon with Hashem’s help).

Just before we arrived, Rabbi Kahane saw Rav Shlomo Aviner, chief Rabbi of Bet El and Rosh Yeshiva of Ateret Kohanim in the Moslem section of the Old City. Rav Aviner is also a Kohen and Rabbi Kahane asked that he wait to bless Moshe as well. Shortly after that Moshe and I arrived, together with our dear friend Dovid Shirel who came to join us from Hebron. Rabbi Kahane explained that when ONE Kohen blesses a Jew it has the status of a “Rabbinic blessing” but when TWO Kohanim bless a Jew it has the status of a “Torah blessing”. Both these men held Moshe’s hand and blessed him simultaneously with the traditional priestly blessing!

After receiving that wonderful blessing, Moshe, Dovid and I went up to Har Ha’Bayit. While there we had the very rare opportunity to fulfill a unique Halacha. The mishna in Midot (chapter 2, mishna 2) states that when people ascend the Har they walk towards the RIGHT. However, if the person is in mourning or has another problem – which the commentaries say that he is praying for a sick relative – the people walk to the LEFT. This is so that people already on the Har will see that the people are walking in the opposite direction and will ask them what happened. When they find out, they will say (in the case of illness) “May the Dweller in this House (meaning Hashem) grant your son a quick and speedy recovery”. Therefore, when we ascended the Har, instead of walking to the right, we walked to the left in fulfillment of this requirement. About 30 minutes into our walk around Har Ha’Bayit, one of the regular people who ascended Har Ha’Bayit a bit after we did, noticed that we were walking towards the left! They immediately asked Moshe; “Why are you walking towards the left” and Moshe replied “Because my son is sick and needs a Refuah She’layma”. Immediately they replied, “May the Dweller in this House grant your son a quick and speedy recovery” – EXACTLY THE WAY THE MISHNA DESCRIBED IT OVER 2,000 YEARS AGO!!! I had “chills” down my spine for a long time. After all, its one thing to LEARN the law but to EXPERIENCE it makes it 1,000 times more incredible!

10 minutes after we left Har Ha’Bayit Moshe received a phone call from his wife, Tzippy. She told him that about 20 minutes earlier Dovid started moving his leg and an arm! The doctors were ecstatic about this small – but very significant – progress! Imagine that – he started improving at the EXACT TIME we were dovinning for him on Har Ha’Bayit as well as living the law in the Mishna! Moshe, Dovid and I were dancing with joy!!!

Keep dovinning people!
Let’s hope for more progress each and every day!


  1. Moshe and Tzippy - I am davening every day for Dovid's refuah sh'laimah, and thinking of you all the time. Stay strong. With love,
    ---Anne Langer---


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