Mah Nishtana Kimche Depischa?

What makes Lema'an Achai's "Kimche DePischa" different from All Other Kimche Depischas??

Answer: Because This Pessach, many of the families who need our help are *Different Families* than Last Pessach.

Many organizations hand out Kimche Depischa aid to the *same* families year after year - even generation after generation.

Not at Lema'an Achai - where your donation actually helps families *solve* their problems.
So that these families can achieve independence and won't need charitable help any more.
We call this unique solutions-oriented approach - "Smart Chesed".

For example, we have just received this email, which (with permission of the anonymous writer) I share with you:

"Dear Avraham,
XXXX and I thank Lamaan Achai most sincerely for the assistance which we have received.
However as a result of this and especially through the support and advice, given so freely by Motti Wiesner [Lema'an Achai Financial Counsellor] and mostly through Hashem's Benevolence, we find our financial position greatly greatly improved.
We are most grateful for your past help over various Chagim, but, we ask that anything that you intended giving us prior to Pesach, is directed to more deserving families.
Tizku lemitzvos!"

Smart Chesed - Poverty Solutions - That's what makes Lema'an Achai's "Kimche Depischa" different from all other Kimche Depischa's!

Chag Kasher VeSameach,
David & Avrohom
** How To Conveniently Donate Kimche Depischa to Lema'an Achai **

24/6 Phoneline: 02 99999.33
Mail: 40/7 Nachal Lachish, Ramat Bet Shemesh, 99093

Or via your Lema'an Achai street representative or shul gabbai.


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