Earrings Reunited!

Against all odds, an earring, of sentimental value, has been reunited with its pair.

On a family vacation to the Czech Republic over the summer, we visited the medieval silver mines of Kutna Hora.

This visit involved us changing into special miners clothes (they wore white so they could be seen better in the unlit tunnels), hard hats, and then walking through hundreds of meters of subterranean mining tunnels.

Once we returned to the surface, my wife Julie noticed that she was missing an earring.

We registered the missing earring with the lost property service at the reception. This included using my rusty artistic skills to draw the earring ("simanim"), so there would be no doubt to our claim, in the unlikely event the earring would be found. We stressed that the earrings were of no material value, but were of sentimental value to Julie.  

To our surprise and delight, a few days later, we received a call from a Ms Vlasta Bohacova from the Silver Mine, to inform us that they had found the missing earring.

Vlasta very kindly then popped it in the mail to our address in Israel, and furthermore she followed up with us by email to help track the progress through the mail.

This week, we picked it up from the local post office and the two earrings have now been reunited.

We let Vlasta know and thanked her for her kindness and efforts.

Vlasta replied: "this is the best news of the day. I am very happy. Thank you for letting me know and the photo!"


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