The Obscene "Graffiti = Terror" Law

Jewish Terror

Arab Terror
 Yediot Achronot, a leading Israeli tabloid, showed two photographs.

Graffiti on a wall, which it labelled as "Jewish Terror".

And a bombed-out bus, labelled as "Arab Terror".

The article was a straight piece describing the new (and draconian) powers being given to the police to investigate, arrest, interrogate, try & severely sentence Jewish youth suspected of "Price Tag" crimes - mainly graffiti.

The new laws will ensure that these kids may have their communications freely bugged, be summarily arrested on pretexts, held for weeks without legal counsel, tried in military courts, sentenced to long prison terms, and forever tarred-and-feathered as Terrorists.

The outrageous comparison of the two photos - and of the acts they portray - seems to have been lost on the journalist and editors of Yediot. And probably on much of the readership.

It certainly seems to have been lost on our Government which is intent on passing this law.

The moral and legal equivalence of mass murder of innocent civilians by Arab terrorists, with damage to property by graffiti by Jewish misguided youths, is frankly obscene.

When our enemies make such moral equivalencies, as they do, (IDF = Terrorists) we see this as cynical and morally-blind attempts to undermine Zionism itself. Now we are playing into their hands.

"On the one hand there's Arab terrorists, but on the other, there's Jewish terrorists also. The Israelis themselves admit this. So what's the fuss?"

Furthermore, next time thousands take to the streets to protest (say) the destruction of Jewish communities, towns and cities in Judea and Samaria - the same anti-terror laws can be used by the Government of the day against the protest organizers and activists.

The Government's response to the Gush Katif protests, and Oslo protests before that, was vicious enough. In future, Government suppression will have the tools to get far worse: Anti-Government = Terror.

Where is the outrage to this ill-considered and dangerous comparison?

Why is no-one, as far as I can see, taking a stand or campaigning against this new Graffiti = Terrorism Law?

And where are the human rights activists? Are the Hilltop Youth not humans too?

Is an Arab wall, really worth the same as Jewish blood?


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