Eicha - Churban Gush Katif

This year, Tisha B'Av falls on the 10th Av, directly coinciding with the 7th anniversary of the expulsion from Gush Katif, and the tragic destruction of the communities, homes and businesses of 9000 Jews.

Watch and weep, as the thousand girls daven for salvation in the last devastating moments of the shul in Neve Dekalim.

(Music warning if you're watching this on Tisha Ba'Av).

(Another music warning)

Although the rest of the world has long ago moved on and forgotten, the trauma of Gush Katif remains, and the daily pain of many who still remain without permanent housing, or reasonable compensation for their suffering and losses.

And where are they today...?


  1. What was it like to simultaneously live under the shadow of Arab terror and government edict to forcibly remove and destroy the Jewish Gush Katif communities? What was daily life like leading up to the dispossession and destruction from Gush Katif? Read Shifra Shomron's testimonial book, "Grains of Sand The Fall of Neve Dekalim" to get a more personal understanding and journey back into Gush Katif. Book details at http://myvoiceinisrael.insightonthenews.net/?page_id=20

  2. Thank you for posting these videos. The visual impact helps everyone to remember what was, and the last clip let's us know what is. Unfortunately seven years later looks too much like the six years later we see in that last clip.
    On a personal note, Shifra - a Gush Katif neighbor - was one of the teen-aged girls davenning for Neve Dekalim and all of Gush Katif and the northern Shomron. We're very proud of our local author for sharing her thoughts and understandings with the public, many of whom were previously unacquainted with Gush Katif.
    Hadassa DeYoung, K'far Darom


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