Told You So??

With missiles and rockets being fired onto Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheva - indeed the whole of the South of Israel, here is an Arutz 7 video showing those who disparaged the notion that the Disengagement Plan would lead to missile risk to the South.

And how they voted....


  1. Those who committed the travesty will never admit they are wrong. They will simply change what they said.
    Recall that when the rockets started flying Mahmoud Abbas was reminded that he had said that the occupation was the reason for terrorism. Why were rockets being launched at Israel now that it had withdrawn from 'Aza? His answer: "We went withdrawal from the 1949 partition borders of 'Aza".
    No doubt those who voted in favour of the retreat will say that it is still the fault of Israel because of the naval blockage, or the checkpoints, or the fresh water and electricity Israel still supplies them...


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