New Booze Store in RBS!

Unsolicited Recommendation: Cellar 18

Need to buy wine, liquor, for Rosh Hashana, Sukkot et al?

I have recently visited the booze store (translation for Americans: "Wine & Liquor Store") at the Commercial Center of Ramat Bet Shemesh, including stocking up for a family simcha (my daughter Avital married Yair Yitzhari of Jerusalem/Yad Binyamin last week!).

The store is renamed "Cellar 18" and is now under new ownership. Cellar 18 is now run by the  friendly and expert manager, Gedalya Persky (who previously ran the store on Fridays).

The compact premises has had an appealing refurbishment and, most importantly, Cellar 18 now stocks an amazingly wide variety of alcoholic beverages…

These range from low cost wines, suitable for the family palate and wallet (prices compare with the local supermarkets), to some pretty exotic stuff…

To test out Gedalya, I asked if he has any traditional English cider.

For the uninitiated, English cider is not the same as American…. as my US raised father in law (Rav Ephraim Kestenbaum, now a sprightly 84) found out when courting my (to be) mother in law in England.

The young Rav Kestenbaum ordered himself a large cider at the English pub where he met up with his shidduch, Miss Sula Lerner, to chat and become acquainted; Rav Kestenbaum assumed cider would be a fizzy apple juice, and (so the story goes) he next remembers all sorts of people wishing him "mazaltov!".

Cider in England is alcoholic…

Anyway, Gedalia promptly presented me with a bottle of "scrumpy". Scrumpy is an especially potent version of English cider, traditionally brewed by farmers in the rural South Western England (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset..).

Rather impressed, I next asked about English beer, and, within moments, Gedalya showed me a selection of Ales, Stouts and Bitters.

Even for the top of the range whiskys (various single malts from Scotland) Cellar 8 prices are in the same price range as Duty Free – without having to buy an air ticket, show a passport, or be X-Rayed.

And, while there, I stocked up on a box of Moscato, fizzy sweet white wine, particularly enjoyed by my wife and kids, and connoisseurship aside, I rather enjoy it myself. The price of four bottles for 100 NIS is as attractive as any supermarket.

Well worth stocking up for the yamim tovim!

In short – Cellar 18 is recommended for all, and particularly if you enjoy the odd tipple, are adventurous, or simply crave for the tastes of a misspent youth in chutz l'aretz (abroad) – like me!

The store is located in the RBS A center Hakishon 48 (right next to the flower store).

LeChaim! Cheers! 


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