Not In My Back Yard

Sudanese refugees have entered Israel over the past couple of years, via the Sinai desert. The Government is keen to expel these illegal immigrants; whereas Left-wingers have called for their human rights to be preserved, by giving them citizenship and full democratic and economic rights.

The Sudanese refugees are typically housed in the poor neighbors of southern Tel Aviv (where the residents are typically right wing voters); while the bleeding-heart left wingers are sitting pretty in North Tel Aviv suburbia.

When MK Michael Ben-Ami and Itamar Ben Gvir took 50 Sudanese refugees on a swimming outing to North Tel Aviv's exclusive Country Club, home of the rich-and-left-wing, the results expose their hypocracy and are hilarious.

My son-in-law Daniel Gilad, thought of the prank; the press couldn't resist the story (Arutz 10 and Arutz 7 - probably others) - and thousands of people have expressed their support for this.

As they say in North Tel Aviv: "Not In My Back Yard!".




  1. Sorry David, I don't see it! I watched the video (maybe you have other examples) but except for the one guy shouting something about Morrocans, the people there were shouting at Ben Gvir for being an ass (which he certainly is) and recognizing the disgusting misuse of these poor workers just to piss off the locals.

    If there were true racism going on, then you would expect someone to try to stop the black men from entering. They didn't. If someone had called the police to evict the blacks, then there would be proof. However, the English-speaking woman was absolutely right, these jerks were using the black men as nothing but a cynical "red flag" to stir up controversy. I personally am disgusted that they could sink so low. Disgusted, but not surprised.

    I would not be proud that I know of someone connected to this prank. Stick to real matters of "tzedek, tzedek" David, that's where you shine!

  2. The first rule in political protest is to Get Noticed. It doesn't matter how just and true your message might be, if no-one's listening.

    I think it's a clever PR stunt, or gimmick (as the TV commentator put it), in that it passed that first criteria.

    In addition, the political message was delivered with good humour - along the lines of Latma's News Spoofs.

    Getting people smiling, is a positive route to gaining their support.

    As for the Sudanese "refugees" themselves, I appreciate the organizers took the risk of seeming like they were exploiting the "poor workers".

    But I think that's also part of the message.

    The whole furor over the "rights" of the Sudanese refugees/workers, the organizers seem to be saying, is just the rich left wing elite exploiting the Sudanese' misery for cheap political gain.

    Any cynical exploitation works both ways.


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