Magen: New Child Protection Hotline

Important Information: How to Contact "Magen":

"Magen", the new Child Protection Organization of Bet Shemesh, has established a Hotline for residents of Bet Shemesh.

If you are seeking out information concerning child abuse call Magen.

By Phone:

New Magen "Hotline" Service: 02-9999.678
                              After hours: 050 8489001    

Less-Urgent Matters: 02-9999.678

By email:

Please note: The Magen's confidential hotline service is manned by volunteers trained and supervised by ELI, Israel's Child Protection Organization.

Magen operates under Halachik guidance; with the brachos and eitzos of Gedolei Yisrael; and under Israel's Child Protection Legislation.


"Magen" - Creating a Safer Community for Kids


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