Israel Wing for Holocaust Museum

Obama Announces New Wing for Holocaust Museum
Washington, 21st April, 2012.

President Barack Obama announced yesterday that he had personally authorized a Federal Supplementary Grant of $40m to the Washington Holocaust Museum.

This is designated to fund the first of three planned phase of the Israel Memorial Wing; the funding for the next phase has already been pledged privately, including by King Abdulah of Saudi Arabia and the Israel Memorial Foundation.

President Obama said that “the State of Israel will always hold a special place in our hearts and it is fitting that a Museum celebrating the 63 years of Israel’s existence, and the State’s many achievements, be established here in Washington, as an extension of the Holocaust Museum.”

Since the destruction of Israel in January 2011, by the Iranian nuclear attack, dozens of ceremonies have taken place in capitals around the world, including a solemn ceremony at the United Nations, and an unprecedented three minute silence around the world on the first anniversary of the nuclear holocaust.

Officials at the White House described the Federal Grant to the Washington Holocaust Museum as “the largest donation ever for a memorial to a sovereign State”, and was “a fitting gesture and recognition of the special relationship which had existed between the USA and the late State of Israel”.


  1. First of all, you should have backdated this post to April 1.
    Nevertheless, in the spirit of that, I will argue that in fact there would never be an Israel wing in the Holocaust Museum. Instead, in the event of such a tragedy, Rachama litzlan, Obama would breath a sigh of relief and say "Now with its most infamous consequence gone, we don't have to remember the Holocaust anymore!"

  2. Sharon is in a vegetative state after selling out Israel and Bibi is courting a personal disaster from The One Above, too. It'll be interesting to watch how this plays out.

  3. I cannot find a direct quote, but during or after the Six Day War, PM Levi Eshkol said something to effect of, 'had we lost the war, heads of state all over the world would have bowed their heads in mourning and parliaments would have stood for a minute of silence. Instead, we chose to fight and win. For this, they resent us. We prefer it that way.'


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