Dealing With It Quietly

"Magen", a new, local organization in Bet Shemesh, is dedicated to helping children and families who have been affected by abuse. 

Magen is providing a series of public information communications to help educate our community about child sexual abuse:

There is a trend in the frum community, as in many tight-knit communities, that when sexual abuse occurs, we should "deal with it quietly." It is certainly painful, and counter-intuitive, to expose abuse in our midst.
However, we must honestly consider the values we express with the "deal with it quietly" approach, and whether it benefits victims or perpetrators.

In this groundbreaking article, Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman uses the story of Tamar and Amnon to explore whether "dealing with it quietly" is an approach chazal would have supported. These fascinating insights are a MUST READ for anyone concerned with sexual abuse, and the way we deal with it, in our community.



  1. Wow - that is a fantastic article! Now, if only people will listen...


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