Trump and My Conspiracy Theory

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Donald Trump's wild accusation that Barack Obama was wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower have astounded commentators the world over.

Trumps accusation is grave, and it appears to be baseless.

This follows Trump's unprecedented and fierce attacks on the Press, calling them liars, deliverers of 'fake news', and the 'enemy of the American people', and Trump's bitter campaign to stop leaks from the FBI and secret services.

Attacking the Press for telling lies, while accusing the FBI of leaking true information to the press, appears contradictory. Either the stories in the press are false, or the unnamed sources of secret information are telling the truth - it can't be both.

The link between Trump's senior campaign staff and Russian Government officials is now undeniable.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak twice last year, and lied under oath about it to the Senate confirmation hearing.

Michael Flynn, the short-lived National Security Advisor to Trump, reportedly spoke five times with Sergey Kislyak and then denied doing so to Vice President Pence - a clumsy move which resulted in Flynn resigning.

Paul Manafort, a former chairman of the Trump campaign, reportedly held numerous meetings with Russian intelligence officials; Manafort resigned from his position due to a scandal involving payments from the political party of Viktor Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine and ally of Vladimir Putin.

There are additional reports that Trump's son in law and close advisor Jared Kushner also met with the Russian Ambassador during the transition, together with Flynn.

And then there is Trump's campaign promises of bringing an improved relationship with Russia as his major foreign policy objective. 

Trump's appointment of Oil Company executive Rex Tillerson to the extremely powerful position of Secretary of State, was primarily based on Tillerson's business dealing experience with Russia.
The US security and secret services discovered that the Russian Government had directly intervened in trying to swing the US election, by spying on the Democratic leadership, then exposing the compromising information gleaned. Russian officials were expelled for this,in the last days of Obama's administration. 

This is all fact.

Now some conjecture.

It is reasonable to surmise that Trump himself was also personally in on the Russian/Trump campaign relationship, and indeed may have participated in meetings and phone discussions with Russian Government officials. Indeed, it far less plausible to believe that Trump was not involved in such light level and strategic discussions with the Russian, involving almost all his key staff, than that he was somehow absent.

If so, Trump definitely knows he is extremely vulnerable to exposure, and possibly impeachment.

This exposure would probably come from leaked intelligence information, even from routine US intelligence gathering on the Russians involved, who are all under US routine surveillance.

This leaked information would be fed to the press, causing enormous damage to Trump and perhaps terminating his rule as President.

By systematically targeting and trashing both FBI 'leakers', and Press 'fake news', Trump is aiming to reduce the credibility of the expose when it comes, or even reducing the likelihood of an expose at all from intimidated agents and journalists.

In short, Trump is already preemptively, deliberately and viciously targeting the messengers.     


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