Justice Not Served

Frankly, I found those Kahane crowd scenes- both the cheerers and the jeerers - ugly & repulsive.

I saw Rabbi Meir Kahane on a couple of occasions in Jerusalem when I was an impressionable student discovering 'real' Judaism and, while I saw value in the books of his I read, I was extremely uncomfortable with his speeches and politics, and the raw emotions he evoked in his supporters and opponents.

There has been much water under the bridge, both nationally and personally, since those early 1980's scenarios.

Rabbi Meir Kahane's assassination in 1990 and of his son & daughter in law Rav Binyamin Zeev  and Talya Kahane in 2000 (by the PLO Force 17, near Ofra) were almost fatal blows also to Kahane's ideas and legacy.

Fringe politicians, such as Michael Ben-Ari and Baruch Marzel have attempted to resurrect a Kahanist presence in the Kenesset, standing in many elections, and with only one success in 2009.

In August 2015, Rabbi Meir Kahane's grandson Meir Ettinger, was arrested and has been held since under 'administrative detention", only being released this week, after 10 months in prison.

Ettinger has been a "Hilltop Youth" activist and writes a blog.
During his time in detention, no charges were brought, and the authorities even acknowledged that he is not a suspect in any crimes.

Even his eventual release this week was under severe restrictions:

Under administrative orders, Ettinger will not be allowed to enter the regions of Judea and Samaria for a whole year and will also be forbidden from entering Jerusalem for six months. He will be under house arrest every night for the next three months and has been given a list of 92 people with whom he is not allowed to have contact. (YNet News). 

This does look like systematic harassment by the authorities of a young man who may have undesirable political opinions (depending where you are on the political spectrum) - but has apparently committed no crimes.

Sounds more like the Soviet Union or North Korea, than the thriving democratic State of Israel.

Shame on the Shabak and the misused Justice System.


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