National Religious Breaking The Glass Ceiling

In an era that a black American became President, glass ceilings are evaporating, also in Israel.

A central tenet of the National Religious world-view is full participation in the building of the State of Israel.

The National Religious (NR) have been a partner in Israeli Governments from the foundation of the State. This has entitled their representatives, chiefly the Mafdal NRP (in its various incarnations), to serve in Ministerial and other senior position in these Governments.

The NR population serves proudly in the IDF, with a preference for combat units; contributed through becoming leading scientists, industrialists and academics, established; and built exemplary communities, towns and institutions.

In short, the NR have made it their mission to be fully productive citizens of Israel.

However, as with many minority groups, there was always an understanding that certain positions in seniority and responsibility would be blocked to the NR.

A glass ceiling.

In recent months, that glass ceiling has been shattered several times.

The new head of the police (Roni Alsheich), the new head of the Mossad (Yossi Cohen), the State Prosecutor (Shai Nitzan); the head of Military Intelligence (Herzi Halevi), and the newly elected Attorney General (Avichai Mandelblit) are all kippa sruga wearing NR men.

There are still some closed doors, such as the Chief of Staff of the IDF, head of the Supreme Court and leading positions in academia....but the 'reserved' list is getting shorter.

Through a quiet and civil revolution, the National Religious are now responsible for running the most important offices and institutions of our Government & country.

Mission accomplished?


  1. Great, so now we can't look at the corruption and incompetence that sometimes comes out of those organizations and say "Ah, but if we religious types were in charge,..."

  2. All pictures of mandelblit i have seen show him in a black hareidi type kippa

  3. This post is one of the only 18 in the Shiloh Musings: My "Alternative International Jewish Newspaper," aka HH*

    See what other posts there are. Enjoy, read, comment and share, thanks.


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