Trump's Blunder

Obama's administration and like-minded folks have been excessive in their apparent blindness to the exclusively Islamic relationship to terror.

The clear and current danger of such politically-correct values is that they hamper the US ability to counter terrorism, when they cannot even name it. It is essential that screening for terrorists and potential terrorists use statistics to their advantage, not to the advantage of the terrorists.

If (effectively) 100% of terrorists are Muslim, then failing to shortlist intelligence and security search criteria to include ethnicity and religion, is a nonsense.

Donald' Trump's controversial proposal for a blanket ban on all Muslim immigrants, until such a time as "the representatives of the US government know what's going on here", has stepped too far in the opposite direction.

Yes, practically, such a step would severely impede the entry of potential terrorists into the USA.

However, Trump's statement is SO politically incorrect, that he has provoked the ire of 'right minded' folks the world over.

I think the issue of ethnic & religious screening for security purposes is much more valid than the idea of a blanket ban on all Muslims.

Unfortunately, this real issue, which costs American lives, will now be lost in the storm of (justified) protest.



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