Was This Man Killed in Cold Blood?

According to some Arab leaders, 22 year old Khair Hamdan of Kafr Kana was "murdered by police in cold blood".

For example, Mujahed Awawdeh, head of the Kafr Kana local council, "you can see in the video the police exited the vehicle and shot the man point blank in cold blood," he said, describing it as a "racist" act against an Israeli Arab.

The police had apparently been on their way to respond to an incident of a stun grenade being thrown in a family function in the town. 

In the video, the man approaches the police vehicle, apparently holding a large knife, which he smashes on the car window and door. Police exit the vehicle, one shoots the man, and several policemen drag the wounded man into the vehicle.
There is currently a general strike in the Arab sector in protest at the killing.
Take a look at the video, and decide for yourself if this was a "cold blooded murder"?
Are there ways that the police could/should have responded to the attack by Mr Hamdan in a way which would have been non-fatal? 


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