MK Dov Lipman Addresses The Knesset On Beit Shemesh Disputed Election

Beit Shemesh resident, MK Dov Lipman addressed the Knesset plenum about the disputed elections - asking for truth, tolerance and mutual respect.


  1. Is DL tolerant of Haredim and their lifestyle or is he trying to force them to change?
    Does DL respect Haredim? I think not since he wants them and is trying to force them to change their lifestyle.
    DOe she speak truth? I think not, him and the other Eli Cohen supporters talk about clean streets and other incidentals being the reason they want Eli Cohen but their bumper stickers tell the truth(Just saw one on Friday) Bet Shemesh is Zionistic-We will not surrender it. Hmmn...definitely about clean streets...such lies. When DL and supporters speak truthfully then there can be truth, tolerance and mutual respect!


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