If You're From the UK, You Can Help!


Are you originally or currently from the UK?!

As you'll know, there's been a rash of child abuse scandals in the UK recently, such as Jimmy Savile/BBC, and high profile cases in the UK Jewish community.

In just two years, Magen has been remarkably effective in improving the safety of our children in Beit Shemesh.

I am currently planning to speak in shuls, Jewish community centers, parlour meetings and with professional groups in the UK to share our experiences in preparing parents and communities to better deal with this universal problem.

This is where you come in and can help!

Although my British accent is authentic, chaps, my UK contacts are rusty!
Please will you help make contacts for Magen with people, organizations, shuls you know in the UK to see if they'd be interesed in a presentation and forum on the (suggested) topic of "Child Abuse in the Jewish Community - A Way Forward"?

Please contact me and your friends in the UK with ideas. You may send them this message, with your personal recommendations.

Many thanks!
David Morris, 
CEO Magen. 


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