Turkish Conspiracy

From Tzedek-Tzedek's Man in Ankara

An arsenal in Turkey exploded this week, killing 25 soldiers.

Whereas the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced it was an accident, people I spoke with reckoned it was a terror attack. 

Army officials were quoted as agreeing with the folks on the street.

“Of course the Foreign Ministry would claim it was an accident,” I was told. “The whole Government is trying to understate the scale of the terror war Turkey is fighting, and losing.”

Apparently there were two distinct explosions – caused by a renegade soldier throwing hand grenades.

How anyone on the street would know what happened in a vast explosion that left no survivors, nor even recognisable corpses, I have no idea. But Turks naturally suspect conspiracy, round every and any corner.

The Turks are hosting 80,000 Syrian refugees. A truly humanitarian act. Right?


According to many Turks, including parliamentarians, these are not refugee camps at all.

They are actually training camps for the Turkish military to train & arm Syrian rebel militants.

Sounds far-fetched?

Well, consider the following compelling proof:
  1. Have you ever heard of a country inviting refugees to flood over an international border? A priori? Please come on over! Make yourselves at home!
  2. Why are the press kept out of these camps?
  3. Why are the residents forbidden to communicate with the outside world?
  4. Why are even Turkish MP's forbidden to visit the camps?
  5. What, oh what, is going on there?
  6. A militant training ground! Surely, right?
On the plane to Istanbul, I met a Alevi woman. The Alevi are a Muslim sect, who reportedly makeup 15% of Turkey's population, and are spread throughout the Middle East. In Turkey they are avowedly secular, democratic, liberal.

She told me that she hates Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan – who is out to destroy the Alevi. Another acquaintance had told me that the Alevi are in Erdogan's sights, and he is stirring hatred amongst the majority Sunni against the Alevi

“What has Erdogan done against the Alevi?” I asked.

“Well, he is very friendly and charming to the Alevi – he says all the right things. But he only does this to stab them in the back.” No specific example of how Erdogan had stabbed the Alevi in the back was available at press time.

People have often told me, in hushed, secretive tones, about the Sabbatians who really run Turkey. These are the remnants of Shabbatai Tzvi's messianic movement, who apparently still exist in Turkey - indeed, if truth be known, the Sabbateans are the ultimate power controlling Turkey's democratically elected puppets.

Others point at Uncle Sam as pulling the strings of power for cynical purposes. I was told this week that the Americans arranged the Arab Spring, and the bloody civil war in Syria, in order to promote sales of US armaments.  
Alleged conspiracies abound in Turkey, and even (especially?) at the highest levels.

Recep Erdogan has presided over the arrest and imprisonment of 367 army officers. Not mere officers – they included the ex-heads of the Army, Air Force and Navy.

They are facing charges of...conspiring.

Not just one devious plot, but several. At least three separate plots to overthrow the Government.

I am not suggesting that Turks are paranoid. Or at least, I am not suggesting they are paranoid without good cause.

There have indeed been three coups by the (secular stronghold) Army taking over the elected Government during Turkey's recent history.

Enough to put the creeps up an Islamic Turkish Prime Minister.

All this conspiring, and speculating about conspiracies has an Israeli angle.

I was warned that we Israelis should expect a bombardment of anti-Israeli rhetoric, and possibly worse, from Erdogan, as the date of the 2013 Turkish Local Elections gets closer.

What's the connection between electing mayors and city councils in Turkey, with Israel?

“Erdogan loves to stir up the masses by spewing hate of Israel”, I was told. “And the masses love to hear it.”

Indeed, headlines while I was in Ankara included - between the 25 dead soldiers at the exploding arsenal, over 50 refugees drowning of the Turkish coast, and ten soldiers killed by terrorists in a shooting attack - the scandal of Beersheva.


Yes, perhaps you missed the story. 

But the Turks didn't.

Apparently there was a beer festival in a (disused) mosque in Beersheva.

Sort of the equivalent outrageous act of provocation and insult against Islam as the Muhammad Cartoons, as far as Turkish TV was concerned...

So, be on the look out for more exposures of Zionist Conspiracies coming out of Turkey.

I must add that, as in my previous visits to Turkey, all the Turks I met with were very friendly and hospitable to me – kipa, Israeli passport and all.

Maybe they all assumed I must surely have been a secular liberal Muslim, thinly disguised as a religious zionist?  


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