Has Israel Attacked Iran?

It reads like science fiction – but it’s for real and right now.

A most incredible, silent but, apparently, highly effective attack has been launched on Iran. Perhaps by Israel – but we’ll probably never know.

Consisting of the world’s most sophisticated and devious computer virus, known as “Stuxnet”, this virus has penetrated Iran’s industrial control centers, including those of their nuclear facilities. The delivery mechanism may have been as simple as a USB memory stick. 

The virus takes advantage of characteristics of both the ubiquitous Windows’s operating system and the lesser known (to the consumer) Siemens’ industrial control computers – which enjoy international market dominance.

Experts around the world are puzzling over the ingeniously malicious code, which not only hides itself from discovery, but can apparently become ever-more scheming, the more it is pursued. Commentators are assuming this is well beyond the development capabilities of a geek or two, and is probably the work of a sovereign State.
For any industrialized country, this virus can cause total havoc, even for the whole economic infrastructure to collapse.

In Iran, not only the nuclear facilities (presumably the primary intended target) but also the strategic oil & gas industries are potentially highly exposed to the effects of the Stuxnet virus.

At this moment, it looks like a blow no less damaging than a conventional missile attack on Iran, but without the causus belum, risking an immediate regional conflagration.

Congratulations to the good guys, on a smart and devious attack on the world's most evil regime.

I am curious, if the rumour mill is accurate, that this virus is a targeted attack (perhaps by Israel) on Iran, whether the Goodies are going to be ready when this same virus leaks back home (with the internet, it could happen remarkably soon)?    


  1. I don't know if we can conclude it's a sovereign state that did this. The best virus programmers in the world are zit-faced losers living in their parents' basements well past the age of 25. All the best virus attacks of the last 10 years came from lone wolves like them, not from any big country or corporation.
    I've also been reading for years about how lower level cyber wars are going on between the US and China with many of the "soldiers" on both sides being patriotic hackers. During Lebanon War II there were also reports of hacking back and forth by individuals.

  2. Maybe it is made by Israel. If so i am pretty satisfied. maybe it sounds naiv-Gd helped us with Aman. this time He will also help us.

  3. Garnel (and everybody else),
    Read Caroline Glick's recent column on the subject. The delivery had to be by direct connection to USB in computers which are not connected to the Internet. It requires not just a hacker or hackers with programming expertise but also a cloak-and-dagger guy to go onsite in Iran to deliver it. Not zitface garage guy.


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