Progress on the Struggle for the Dolev Mikva

Announcement from Rabbi Dov Lipman

For weeks we have been working on many fronts to preserve the mikva on Dolev to be under the Rabbanut since this is the mikva in the area of most of the dati women in RBS.  We met with members of Knesset, sent letters to the ministers involved, got messages to Rav Ovadiah Yosef and the Chief Sephardic Rabbi, and were in constant contact with the Rav HaIr and the new head of the city religious council.  In addition, a large number of you showed up today with almost no notice to have a presence at the critical meeting between the Mayor and the Rabbanim involved. 
I am happy to announce that Rav Spector signed on an agreement this morning which keeps the mikva on Dolev in the hands of the Rabbanut to service the dati and hareidi women who prefer their approach and there won't be any signs dividing the mikva and the community.  The Rabbonim who had wanted to control that mikva will be given the mikva on Lachish where more of the population they serve live.
Special thanks to the Rabbonim from RBS, city councilmen Shalom Lerner and Jacky Edri, and to everyone else who took from their time to help the women of RBS and the city at large in this issue.
Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have further questions.


  1. Kol Hakavod to the Dati Leumi camp!
    Mazal tov!

    Usually the "other side" play Australian Rules (ie no rules!) - and win.

    I don't know who has been running the DL campaign - but a pity they're not in the mayor's chair.

  2. Given the amount of abusive practices which have come to light on the Chareidi side of the Dolev mikva, why should these rabbonim be trusted to run the Lachish mikva?

    Or anything else, for that matter?

  3. you're right, they should not be given Lachish and this battle is far from over. There is no reason to celebrate- it's true that they did not get the Dolev mikva at this point but that does not make it better- why should the women who use Lachish have to suffer?

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  5. Anonymous: "The comments are atrocious. Such hate filled comments."

    I do not sanction bigotry on Tzedek-Tzedek, and in the past I have deleted comments which I believe have crossed red lines.

    There are only three comments here (Not including your own).

    I see there is some "us" vs "them" in these three comments.

    I do not see where any of these comments are "hate filled" nor "atrocious". I don't see any evidence that these three commenters are looking to "destroy Judaism".

    Aside from Reds vs Blues rivalry, which you get in any political stand-offs, what are you seeing here, Anonymous, that you object to in such extreme terms?

    Note: If you do not give a reasonable explanation for your allegations, by tomorrow morning, regretfully I will delete your comment.

  6. I think that it is more important to stress the point that an agreement about the mikva was reached to the satisfaction and agreement of all parties.
    The mikva on Lachish will be renovated over the next few months to the halachic satisfaction of Rav Davidovitz at which time we will oversee its operation.
    The mikva on Dolev will continue the present distribution between the right and left side until the Lachich mikva is ready, at which time the entire Dolev mikva will be run by the Moatza Hadatit overseen by Rav Spektor.
    This agreement was reached in no small part thanks to the Achdut shown by ALL the Dati Leumi Rabanim of the neighborhood, to the untiring effort of all the women who would not give up on their rights to have a mikva, without compromising any halachic requirements and run according to their needs, to the appreciated efforts of Rav Biton, Yehuda Medizada, Mayor Moshe Abutbul , and of course to Rav Spektor, who has shown himself to be a real, responsible community leader.
    All women of the neighborhood can show their support for the efforts of the Moatza Hadatit and Rav Spektor by utilizing the left side of the Dolev mikva and not have to travel to other mikvaot outside the neighborhood.
    Both the Chareidi and Dati Leumi communities will continue living and growing side by side in Ramat Bet Shemesh A for a long while and can learn from this issue how to get along and allow the “other” community to live according to its needs and hashkafa.

  7. yehudah
    you write: The mikva on Lachish will be renovated which time we will oversee its operation. Who is "we"?

  8. typo.
    I meant to write "which time he (rabbi davidovitz)will oversee its operation."

  9. No one won, we all lost!!! When the Rabbis on both side hug in friendship then we win, then mashiach is here - then there is a geulah.

    We the Jewish people are a mess. This proves it. Lets cry with the shechinah....lets do teshuvah


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